Animation Throwdown Hacking App, Cheats and Guide

Animation Throwdown offers a mix of your most favourite characters and even moments from some of the best episodes of Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hill, Bob’s Burgers and American Dad. It’s a very fun CCG game that can entertain a lot of players. Pretty simple to learn and the best thing about it is that the game is Free to play, there are some in-app items that you can purchase but not necessary. We are here to help you to understand the game better and give you with some Animation Throwdown Cheats and Tips.

This guide will mostly benefit beginner players who don’t have much experience with mobile card games. Maybe some advanced players will also find some useful Animation Throwdown hack or tip that will improve their strategy and gameplay.

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Quick Animation Throwdown Game Guide

In Animation Throwdown your first goal is to select a hero from your favourite show. Then you need to carefully build your card deck that will lead you to victory. You have the option of battling in the cartoon world but also you can play against other players if you select the arena. Your goal is to fight through battles and win with your unique deck.

Picking a Character

The first thing you need to do when you get in the game is to pick a character. If you just installed the game for the first time there will be a tutorial that will guide you the basics of the game. Here you will find out much more about every character. Every hero is different, they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. At the start, you can only play with one character so you need to be very careful which one will you end up picking.

animation throwdown select character

That is important because it can make a big difference in the beginning. Later on in the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock every other character from the game. We will be giving you tips how to unlock them and level them up pretty fast.

In the beginning, you will have the option to choose between 5 different characters. Each one is from a different cartoon show, so you will have the opportunity to pick a character from your favourite one.

The first one that you will pick really don’t matter that much because you will start with the same amount of Health and the game will give you default abilities and skills. The first 5 heroes that you can select from are: Bob ( Bob’s Burgers ), Roger ( American Dad ), Brian ( Family Guy ), Leela ( Futurama ) and Bobby ( King of the Hill )

Earning new Characters

Earning or unlocking new characters from your favourite shows is not a simple process. You need to go through many different ranks in the arena to be able to unlock a new character. Every time you rank up in the arena you automatically unlock a new hero. You have to earn 12 experience points in the arena though battling to get a rank up.

The experience bar is located on top of the screen on the left side there you can monitor how much experience points do you need to get the next rank up. When you earn the new character you can find it in your character list. To change your hero that you want to use simply get into the character select list and pick which one of the earned heroes you want to use just by tapping on it.

Leveling up

By leveling up your character you are adding more health and strength to it and making him more powerful. You need to level up your heroes if you want to go into a battle and win against other people in the arena. To be able to level up the characters you need to earn so-called Hero Shards. You can earn them by battling in the arena, when you win a battle you will get the chance to earn one random hero shard. By random we want to say that you can get any shard for any hero in the game even if you don’t have that champion unlocked yet.

Here is a quick tip for increasing your chance to earn hero shards. Watch some ads to increase your chances of earning a hero shard. The more ads you watch the more you increase your chances of getting one. The bonus from watching ads will last you for 4 hours. You can watch up to a maximum of 3 videos that will provide you with the maximum bonus.

Cards guide

There are 4 types of cards you can come across in the game they are ranked in this order: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher tier card you get the better because the card will be stronger. That’s why is worth to wait when you are researching. Don’t be lazy to wait longer for the research to end because the longer it takes to make them the more powerful they will be. So always try to make a combination that will take you a longer time to research. It will pay off in the end.

animation trhrowdown cards guide

Those ads you can watch for increasing the drop of hero shards also increase the drop chances of cards after a game. So don’t forget to watch ads because they help you out a lot.

How to get Rare, Epic and Legendary cards

Each time you manage to beat a particular boss you are adding a card to a list that contains the potential drops on that level that you are currently on. As you fight your way through various levels of bosses, the difficulty is increasing with every new boss that you manage to defeat. When you defeat more difficult bosses you are getting more better prices such as Rare, Epic and Legendary cards.

You also have the option of buying different card packs. Common cards are in the basic card pack and they are the cheapest because they are not strong as the other types. If you want to buy a stronger type card pack you will have to pay more. Card packs can be purchased in the store. Rare card pack includes guaranteed 2 cards that are rare or higher tier. Epic card pack includes guaranteed 3 cards that are epic or higher tier and the other 2 cards are random.

To earn cards go to the quest menu and look what missions you can complete in order to earn prices. Some quests are more difficult to complete than the others but those are usually the ones that contain the better cards and gems which you can spend in the store to buy premium card packs.

Finding a Guild

Joining a guild is a very important thing. You need to do it soon as you can. Guild members have various special advantages that are given to them depending on the guild stats such as how many people are in the guild or how many trophies did the guild earned from battling in the arena. These advantages are applied to all members of the guild.

When picking what guild you will join the crucial thing that you need to look for is the number of players that are in the guild. One more important thing to look for is how much of those players are active.

Perks of being in a good guild

Once you became a member of one guild, you will get a bonus coin for every member that is in the guild. That’s why the number of people that are in a guild is so crucial. The more members the guild have the more coins you will get. Tip: if you combine this with the add bonuses, you can earn a huge amount of coins for every battle.

Coins are then used for earning new card packs. If you are looking for an easier way to get coins and gems there are some Animation Throwdown Cheats you can try out. Some of them are actually pretty useful.

When you run out of energy for the standard tournaments, a smart thing to do is to go to the arena and try out the player vs player mode. You can fight a maximum of 10 battles before you run out it that energy too. Your guild will get bonuses as a reward for every time someone finishes the arena battles.

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