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If you’re here, you probably recognize the quality of gameplay in Choice Stories You Play. But in order to fully appreciate the game and get the most of every story, you’ll need resources. Being a perfectionist that you are, you’ll naturally want to complete the whole story and unlock every hidden segment of it. And you won’t be able to do that without a Choices hack that actually works.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about these hack tools. But first, let’s elaborate on why you need choices game hack. Every game of this type has an enticing story and almost addictive gameplay. The only problem is that in order to progress and unlock every single story you’ll need diamonds and keys. In other words, you’ll need resources to complete the game 100 percent. There are two ways to do so.

First one being that you spend countless hours on repetitive gameplay playing as the progression system dictates. Another, less time-demanding way, is to simply use choices diamond hack to get the required resources and play the game as you desire.

Why is This the Best Choices Hacking Tool

There are plenty of sources online that provide Choices Stories You Play cheats. However, as you’ve realized, not all of them work. Even though they look as if functioning and even guarantee that you’ll get unlimited diamonds for choices, in most cases, you’ll end up with nothing.

The main reason for scamming people like this is that they don’t have anything to offer but words. These generators don’t work and all that you’ll do is give your private information like email or phone number and get nothing in return.

However, this particular Choices Stories you play hack tool has all the codes for unlocking the desired resources. Another feature that guarantees success when using cheats to get diamonds and keys with this tool, is that it’s completely cloud-based. This adds to the security of using it and also makes it absolutely untraceable.

choices generator

It works by decrypting the codes generated by the existing resources from the game and simply alters that data so that it increases the amount available on your profile. It’s as easy as that, and the best thing about it is that is works every time.

About The Game

Everyone who plays Choices will agree that this is one of those games with awesome plots, engaging story, and unexpected twists.

Stories are well-written, and easily get all the gamers sucked in and wanting more. Not only you can choose between romance, fantasy, drama and crime (or just play all of them), but you are the one who is choosing the path and creates personality for you character by making different decisions.

Great thing about Choices Stories You Play is the fact that this game is free and available for download on Android and IOS platforms.

What’s The Purpose of Choices Keys?

You can start a new book without using a key, but every chapter after that requires a key to unlock it. Maximum key number is two. When you unlock the chapter the number of keys you’ve left will be one, and below the number you will see the countdown (starting at 2 hours) that will tells you how long you need to wait to get a new key.

Choices Stories You Play offers in game purchases, so if you want to unlock new chapter before the time runs out you can buy them.

Why Are Diamonds so Important?

While playing Choices, you will have to make a decision to invest your diamonds to unlock special scenes, items and clothing (that will leave better impression on other characters, love interests, or unlock scenes). So basically you will be asked to give away 30 diamonds to unlock the outfit, and in order to have that number of diamonds in disposal you will have to complete 30 different chapters. Since every completed chapter in the game gives you one diamond as a reward.

choices outfits

There are even some choices that would be very important to make that special someone happy and improve relationship with them, but they require diamonds to unlock so you will need to skip them or spend unreasonable amount of money (this is my honest opinion, sure there are people who find that sum okay, but I’m definitely not one of them) to purchase diamonds in shop.

I find that scenes to be an emotional blackmail. And by that I mean something like this: “Oh, you wanted to build a relationship with that person? Well, you will need to pay to see what would happen in this exclusive scene”.

List of Stories You Can Play


The Freshman

You arrive at Hartfeld University. It is time to meet your new roommates. Will you make a good impression, make new friend and find your college sweetheart? It’s up to you.

choices freshmen hacking

This book is fully released. It has four exiting parts. Each is a story inside a story. You will face all kinds of problems, and experience a lot of happy moments with your friends. You will even have a fieldtrip together before starting the next school year.

The Sophomore

This book is sequel of The Freshman. We would advise you to play it in that order and don’t miss out on creating your story, instead of choosing the defaults. It will be more fun if you know you are the one who selected the path and the future of the characters.

Rules of Engagement

After your grandmother dies, you and your siblings have been given an opportunity to go on the cruse, visit beautiful places around the globe, and spend some time together. Where is the catch?

When you get there you learn that your Nana was actually very rich, and she wanted you to inherit that money, but not before all of you complete the tasks you’ve been given. The clock is ticking.

Rules: Newlyweds

This is a sequel of Rules of Engagement (fully released trilogy). Newlyweds is new book, it has only a few chapters until now. There is a time gap between the two books, so the story is not linear (you will be taken to past scenes to experience the situations you and your siblings went through).


You’ve got a new job at ClickIt (blogger at love and dating section) and move to San Francisco where you run into your old friend Mark from college, meet your new colleagues and friends. Throughout the game you will go on number of dates with different types of guys in order to gather enough information for your new article.

choices love hacks

This is a fun story (includes two books) that will take you on a journey of dating in modern world.

The Royal Romance

You work as a waitress, until one night a group of guys comes into your bar and they tell you they are having a bachelor party. You learn that the groom to be is really a prince whose parents need him to find a bride before becoming a king. You’ve been given an opportunity to fly to his country and be a part of social season when the bride to be will be chosen. Will you be the one or will maybe someone else catch your eye? Play to find out.

High School Story

You start a first day in your new school, Berry High. Will your classmates like you? Which after school activity will you choose? Will you manage to raise a school spirit and win the game against your rivals from Hearst High? It depends on your choices.


The Crown & Flame

This is an epic story about the princess who lost everything after queen’s potential ally turned his back on the alliance. Princes Kenna lost everything, home, kingdom and best friend who was forced to stay behind.

choices the crown and the flame cheats

You need to make an army, form new alliances and take back everything you lost. Your choices are crucial, will you be able to unite the princess with everything she lost?


You are working at Prescott Industries the executive assistant to Grayson (the son of Silas Prescott, the owner of the company and famous business and inventor). You meet your best friend Poppy and company engineer Dax. All the people of influence attend the gala at Prescott Industries, when Silas reveals a Prism Gate, a strange device that will change many lives (including yours) forever.


Endless Summer

You, your best friend and ten other kids form your high school won the trip to tropical resort La Huerta. As you arrive to the island you discover that everyone is missing (you are the only guests in the Celestial hotel). Something weird is going on. You need to discover what happened and find a way to get back home. Every choice counts and changes your relationship with other characters.

Most Wanted

This is a story about the Hollywood detective and Texas Marshal who are forced to team up in order to stop the killing spree of a crazed man. Will you be able to find all the clues, find the person who is behind all that, and stop the hit-man before anyone else gets hurt?

choices most wanted hacks

The Haunting of Braidwood Manor

After having a dream about your dead brother you decide you want to visit a haunted manor where you expect to make a contact with ghosts. Unravel the secrets of the family that used to live there and find a closure that will help you move on with your life.

It lives in the Woods

It’s 3 AM when you get creepy messages from your old friend Dan about Mr. Red (make belief story from your childhood). Suddenly Dan appears at your window telling you that you must gather the rest of your friends and go to the woods. But then you get a new message. How is that possible? The person in your room is not your friend. I don’t want to spoil it. Play and find out what happens.

Since this book is filled with stressful situations your job is to keep everyone cool. Some choices will affect the “Nerve” (character reactions will depend on that).

What You Can Do?

Again, find the Choices game cheats that actually works and give it a try. As I already said, there are some of them that are not working properly, but what do you got to lose if you try?


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