Hill Climb Racing 2 Hacks, Cheats and Strategies – 10 Ultimate Tips

Why Do You Need Hill Climb Racing Hack?

You’re probably playing Hill Climb Racing 2 for a while now, right? But no matter how long you play it you won’t have access to all the content that this game has to offer. The more you play the better gear you’ll unlock. As a result, you’ll have a more stable vehicle that reaches top speed faster than other cars. But how to get all this gear right from the start? By using our Hill Clim Racing 2 hack of course.

You won’t have to spend hours on upgrading your account only to gain access to slightly higher level equipment. Now you can have it all right from the start. The advantages of using our software are that you won’t need to play seemingly identical levels and races only to get access to unique gear, vehicle parts and other enhancements of your ride.

The better your ride is equipped, the more stability it will have in the race. This means that you won’t crash as often as before, and that’s the whole point of this game right? While your opponents are allowed to crash you aren’t. And by using our hack you never will.

About Hill Climb Racing Cheats and Hack Tool

The hack tool very simple. Once you enter your account details and connect your account to our Hill Climb Racing unlimited coins generator, you’ll be able to get as many resources as you want. What makes our cheats so popular is the fact that they work every time. Next, to that, there’s no limit to how many times you can use it on a daily basis. So yes, you’re allowed to generate coins, gems, and gear multiple times per day with our software.

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Hack Apk Features

The features that our generator possesses greatly influence its popularity among cheat code users. It delivers services that are more than compatible with the needs of many gamers.

Here are some of the features that our Hill Climb Racing 2 coins hack apk:

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Gems

All Cars Unlocked

No Jailbreak or Root Required

Hill Climb Racing 2 Guide and Cheats

This racing game is coming from Fingersoft. Including off-road drive through wild roads with not so stable cars in order to become the first player who is going to finish a race or make it as much as he can. These strategic tips will upgrade your skills for your no-gravity drive and help you to avoid crashes.

Avoid crash above anything else

In the first modus of this game named ‘Adventure’, your task is not to fail by hitting any part your body or twist upside-down and crush your vehicle because that means the end of the race for you. In the second modus named ‘Cups,’ you can crash and continue driving but there will be no points and you are going to ensure the fourth position in the finish of that race.

Even if you will be needed from time to time to take the venture and expose yourself by dangerous fails, winning of race and collecting awards in races should be coming first. The funny part is coming after you cross the line and finish the race. Without any consequences for your result, you can enjoy crazy animated situations watching your car landing or falling apart while you are waiting for the next step in the game.

Let others crash

In the second modus of the game named ‘Cups’, your rivals can be slowed down by crashing. Even if you see them to fail you need to focus on your drive because that doesn’t mean the end of racing for them. After the accident, they still can compete and get in front of you by the end of that race or

General tips for better racing

Holding the brakes here you can easily flip back, so you need to manipulate a between the brake and accelerate button to stay in the race and not perish. Accelerating all the time will also get you in trouble, especially on the tracks that are not so flat, those who are not so mountainous are easier to win with gas only but still you must be a little careful and occasionally use the brakes.

In the mountain conditions, races are most important to control the car in the air, landing safely is the best way to avoid accidents and stay within the speed that you had. If you are not in line with the ground it’s easy to lose both control and speed. If you land poorly it’s better to slowly accelerate and not overreact immediately in order take control of your vehicle again and move on to the finish.

Investing tips

You can upgrade your starting car here but if you save and gain resources through the game and passing levels by winning there are many surprises which you can open and buy. Some of those are better wheelers who you can also upgrade and be faster and more solid by controlling them easier on track.

Super Jeep is the best one in the game, with the protective cage it can really improve your results and give you more fun than others. Also, while you are exploring upgrades menu you can see some of the items marked with yellow color, means they are free so you can use them without spending your money.

Playing for fun

Learning flips, tricks and flying around can make you an awesome gamer, also you can earn some money on that but you cannot progress too much in the game since driving and winning are going to bring way more money. If you’re playing for the result you can use your flying experience to reach better position but you must stay focused otherwise your risk will stop you from finishing the track.

Gold metal to open the red chest

To open the red chest you need to finish ten races at first position. When you are in the situation to see golden metal and just before you cross the finish line it means that you can get plus one on your result and one step less from opening the red chest. If you already opened that chest there will be no medals at the finish line until next day.

The yellow number and perfect start

In Cups modus, you can know exactly how far you from the finish and on the other one are, you can see how far you got by looking at the yellow number under your RPM norm. If your acceleration norm is within the green light, you are going to start perfectly and be in line with your rivals.

Customizing color or vehicle parts

Your character will always be wearing the same clothes no matter what are you driving but you can upgrade vehicle parts and also use the old ones, by tuning them how you want you can achieve what you need at that moment, to be agile or faster while you are playing.

You can create authentic look of every wheeler you got by changing their color in ‘looks’ menu, for example, one can be black and other one be red. If you open new color and if you cannot see it, that is because every wheeler in the game have a certain number of colors you can use on them.

Open crates for more money

It’s really important to do this since it’s the best way to earn money in the game. You can keep maximum three crates at the time so be sure to have one free place always for the new one. You get red crates by winning ten races, blue ones are free and you can have them in a couple of hours but to open brown ones you need to press on them and also wait for a few hours.

The ranking, fuel, and sights

Ranked modus affects your results compared to other competitors and as you progress you can open new wheelers and tracks. Unranked modus is very good for practice and collecting ten victories to open a red crate while you are going to be able to play with other ghost players on the track you can choose.

Either way of playing you choose, think always that your machine is fueled, you can find some fuel always on the road. Everything around you in the game created beautifully and doesn’t affect your playing although sometimes it looks like it will disrupt you, but it won’t.


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