Monster Legends Cheats and Guide for 2017

You love playing Role Playing Games? How about Nintendo RPGs? Have you ever tried Animation Throwdown cheats? Nintendo’s Monster Legends might be just the perfect game for you in that case. It allows you to raise unique and never-before-seen creatures, on your own island, with one goal: to fight other enemies in an arena-type battle. Best of it all, it’s completely free!

Like almost every other game, this game also lets you add friends, and it has a referral system for inviting your friends to play the game, while rewarding you for doing so. The game has no lore or background, it’s pure monster mash! Mash two of your favorite monsters into a unique creature and fight for rewards!

If you played this kind of games before, a game called Dragon City provides a similar gameplay experience, and this guide will show you some of the best ways to overcome your enemies, reap the rewards, and make your creations even stronger, while helping you save money and avoid losing battles!

5 correct ways to strategize against your enemies

When it comes to most games, they are easy to get into, but hard to master. In this game the Adventure map allows you to combat a swarm of bloodthirsty creatures, fight bosses, and collect experience, gems, gold, and other in-game rewards for defeating them. But before you go into battle, here are some helpful strategies:


  1. Learn about your monster type and the monster type you are fighting against

Do you remember Heroes of Might and Magic franchise? Monster Legends also have a similar strategy setting option prior to the battle itself. Elemental affiliation of every monster is important and can decide the outcome of a battle, and for example, in this case water beats fire! Here is the list of elemental affiliations, showing their strengths and weaknesses.

Element                                           Stronger                                               Weaker


Thunder                                             Water                                                    Earth

Earth                                                  Thunder                                                Dark

Dark                                                   Earth                                                     Light

Light                                                   Dark                                                      Magic

Magic                                                 Light                                                      Nature

Nature                                                Magic                                                    Fire

Fire                                                    Nature                                                   Water

Water                                                 Fire                                                       Thunder

  1. Choose your team correctly

Once you know what elemental affiliation your enemy is, it is time to strategize against it, and to choose monsters that are strong against that type of affiliation, and carefully lay out your formation. “Change” button allows you to quickly change your monsters if you think another type might do better in a battle against that specific enemy! If you really want to win, don’t just hit “Fight” without carefully planning out your actions and formation!


  1. Get familiar with unique abilities of your monsters

Every monster has different, special abilities. Knowing what those are can make it or break it when it comes to getting that sweet victory. To view this information, you can click on Habitat, Monster Icon, and here you can see all abilities of a specific monster, those which you unlocked, and those which are yet to be unlocked. Think about what you need, is it more damage, more healing, or more tankiness?

  1. Learn which abilities do AoE or cleave type of damage

PandakenWe all know how game-changing and important Area of Effect abilities can be, they can single-handedly decide the outcome of the battle. Same goes with any ability that is able to hit more than one target at once.

An example is Pandaken’s Firewall skill, which inflicts damage to all enemies, but the downside is that it a one turn cooldown. To check if an ability is single-target or multiple-target, just hover your mouse cursor over a skill in the “Skills” section.

  1. Don’t forget about unique items during the battle

During the battle, you have an option to choose defensive, healing, or special attack items, by clicking on “Items” button, underneath the “Recharge”. You can purchase those items for gold, and then use them in the middle of a battle by clicking “Use” button. After that, click on a desired enemy target (if the item has a damaging effect), or a friendly target ( if the item has a healing or a positive effect on your units).

Feeding your monsters is important, even in a game

Some monsters that you encounter in game will be higher level than your monsters. This is why it’s important to not forget about feeding your monsters. Monsters gain experience by fighting, but also by eating. Don’t forget to regularly level-up your monsters, and keep them well fed.


Farms that you can build can grow three different type of food/crops: Sea Grapes, Sweet Pepper, and Blue Lizard’s Tail. One important thing to know is, the more you let them grow, the more food they will produce, making your monsters stronger.

Side by side comparison of food type

  • Blue Lizard’s Tail grows for 30 seconds and it gives 10 food points.
  • Sweet Pepper grows for 5 minutes and it gives 50 food points.
  • Sea Grapes grow for 30 minutes, and they give 150 food points, plus another 1000 experience points (XP).

After you built your farms, don’t forget to collect the crops and feed them to your monsters. Monsters can be fed multiple times. Another important thing to know is that your monsters can gain 500-5000 food points just by fighting other monsters. Once you get to level 9, you can also upgrade your farms, which raises the food limit to 3000.

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Gems can be free, you can get them without paying money

In Monster Legends, gems are very important. They are extremely helpful in almost every aspect of the game. Animation throwdown hacks were responsible for baiting many users into getting viruses and malwares instead of free in-game currency that they were trying to get, and Monster Legends are no exception to people trying to exploit the less computer-savvy ones.

ml-gemsSo here are some of the tricks that you can use to get more gems in a safe way, but also additional experience.

  • Finish your objectives: on the left side you have your goal location. Click on a goal to see what reward it will give.
  • Clear debris: removing rocks and trees can give you additional XP. This takes a little bit of time, and you cannot construct new buildings, but you receive a lot of XP as a reward.
  • Use Adventure map to fight monsters: while normal monsters only grant XP, monster bosses can give you 3-5 gems.
  • Add Friends: Like most new games, Monster Legends also give away rewards for inviting more people to play, and by visiting islands of your friends.

This is our small guide to help you find your way in Monster Legends, and use it wisely. If you start running low on gems, food or XP, remember what happened to those trying to use Animation Throwdown hacks, and use this guide for assistance. So, be safe, be smart, and most importantly, enjoy the game!


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